Did A Melbourne Landlord Install A Coin-Operated Toilet?


In the very first days of 2017 a news story quickly spread about a penny-pinching Australian landlord who had installed a coin-operated toilet in a Melbourne rental.

“The worst thing is not having any dollar coins on hand. Especially when I have guests over. It’s really embarrassing and gross for them,” said the renter who claimed to be on the receiving end of the upgrade.

Did a stingy landlord really demand $1-a-flush from his tenant?

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Did Hillary Use a Green Screen to Fake a Rally?

There’s been many conspiracy theories floated about Hillary Clinton in the run up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, but one of the more dramatic is the claim that a recent campaign event was somehow faked using a green screen.

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Does this Video Prove that the Second Plane to Hit the WTC Towers Was Fake?

Recently I’ve seen a “super slow motion” video of Flight 175 striking WTC2 on September 11th which claims to prove that the plane in the video is a computer-generate fake.

Does it prove that the plane was never really there?

No. It doesn’t prove that at all.
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Did a Canadian Newspaper Break News of Navy Yard Shooting the Night Before?

A small Canadian newspaper, the Kelowna Daily Courier, drew the attention of the conspiracy-minded in the wake of the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings. It appeared to have published a story about the even before it happened!

Did that happen? Nope.

The reports and screenshots of the website’s story and date are accurate, but the actual date of publication on the website is the result of a software issue.

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