Did The Media Lie About Trump’s Inauguration Crowd?

Amidst the coverage of Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th in Washington DC on image caught the attention of social media, as well as media outlets on TV, the internet and in print.

The image shows a view of the National Mall taken from atop the Washington Monument, comparing the crowds for Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration and Trump’s 2017 Inauguration.


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Did A Melbourne Landlord Install A Coin-Operated Toilet?


In the very first days of 2017 a news story quickly spread about a penny-pinching Australian landlord who had installed a coin-operated toilet in a Melbourne rental.

“The worst thing is not having any dollar coins on hand. Especially when I have guests over. It’s really embarrassing and gross for them,” said the renter who claimed to be on the receiving end of the upgrade.

Did a stingy landlord really demand $1-a-flush from his tenant?

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