Does A Patent Explain MH370?


Malaysian Airlines flight MF370 disappeared almost a month ago. With no wreckage and limited evidence there has been a lot of speculation, both in the mainstream media and in alternative conspiracy theorist circles.

Can it all be explained by a high-tech patent?

One thing that conspiracy theorists latched on to quickly was the fact that 20 staff from Freescale were on board. Freescale is a semiconductor manufacturer who make a very large range of small specialist chips that serve as OEM components in a wide range of devices from Cellphones to Satnav. Their chips also have potential uses in military applications (such as missile guidance and UAVs).

Freescale employs more than 18,000 staff. Their key manufacturing facilities are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Tianjin, China. The employees on MH370 were flying from Freescale’s Malaysian factory as part of a process to improve efficiency at both plants.

While it was enough for some to simply focus on the idea that 20 staff members (immediately assumed o have secret knowledge of weapons systems) were captured by some force for the information they knew, others went further…

The Patent

It turns out that a patent was issued a few days after the loss of Flight 370 – one that adds to the more than 6,000 already controlled by Freescale. However some are insistent that this one is really important.


The patent describes a method for maximizing the number of dies (chip circuits) produced from a single wafer of silicon. What it does not describe is an amazing new KL-03 processor as some claim.

The four applicants on the patent are Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng and Li Ying, all from China – those four, each owned 20% of the patent, while Freescale owned the remaining 20% according to the conspiracy theory, which then goes on to explain that if a patent holder dies their portion of the patent rights are equally divided among the remaining holders.

Of course, none of these claims are right. Firstly, none of the listed applicants were passengers [PDF] on the plane. Secondly the legal rights in the patent belong to the Assignee not the Applicants or the Inventor – an employee who invents something as a function of their job will be listed as the inventor/applicant, but has no legal ownership over their invention. And, of course given that only one entity (Freescale) owns the patent the death of the inventors make no difference to the legal standing of that patent.

The various iterations of this theory point the finger at either The Rothschilds or The Carlyle Group (or both) based on their business interests in Freescale. Obviously this is predicated on the idea that the patent is exceptionally valuable (it’s probably not) and that the inventors died (they didn’t) which then gave Freescale full ownership of the patent (it didn’t – they already have that) – if all those things were true then killing the inventors *might* be a reasonable motive.

In this case Carlyle Group (a huge investment company) owns about 30% of Freescale shares so even it all that were true (it’s not) then Carlyle Group would only own 30% of the patent through it’s shareholding. The same connection is made to Jacob Rothschild (member of the Rothschild dynasty, central to many conspiracy theories) who serves as a member of an advisory board for The Blackstone Group which also owns about 30% of Freescale. Somehow his role as an adviser to Blackstone is translated to “owner of Blackstone” in the conspiracy theories which then becomes “sole owner of the patent”


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